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Basic 2D Arcade Fighting game Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Shota-console

Description: Donavan is a very aggressive and violent boy.  He isn't afraid to punch to get what he wants. He is rude, not very diplomatic, and knows how to lead.  He has a thing for sadism and loves to hurt people.  He is the only boy of the group who wears his weapon all the time, his claws, which requires his physical strength to swing.  Despite his bad boy behaviour, he has a good heart and is always ready to help his friends in need.

Donavan is a character with alot of range and power.  His physical attacks can reach farther than other characters and deal more damage on average, allowing him some powerful combos.  On the other hand, he lacks any projectile or real "get in close quick" move.  His moves are strong, he's great at mix-ups, and even screwing up a combo generally leaves Donavan with time to set himself back up again but any enemy who can stay away from him will have an advantage if Donavan doesn't get a partner who can take damage or create an opening for him.

Entrance: Enters and slashes in the air "I'll kick your ass!"

Fighting Pose: Legs apart and bent.  Leaning forward, both arms extended downwards.  Glaring enemy in the eyes


Standing (Facing Right)
Light: Stands on his front leg knees enemy in the stomach with the back
Medium: he spins to the left (or clockwise),rotating on his front leg and elbows the enemy's face with his back to the camera.  He then steps back to his other spot
Heavy: Steps forward with his front foot, then swings his claw upwards.  Launches enemy

Light: Elbow Jab
Medium: Headbutt
Heavy: Sideways claw swipe

Light: Downwards Elbow Swing
Medium: Sideways Kick
Heavy: Downwards Diagonal Clawswipe

Grab: Smacks the enemy with both palms to grab, then slashes with his claws, spinning the enemy.  Good range and stun

Special Moves

Grey Jumpcut (DP + L/M/H)
Jumps and does a downwards swing with his claw.  Jumps farther forward for each version.  L version jumps straight up and then slashes down, and is still slower than his normal moves.
Any version works as an anti-air.  Standing enemies are knocked down, while airbourne enemies are ground bounced.  All versions hit high.  There's a 1/100 chance that hitting the enemy with the H version of this move will make Donavan drop a camera.  It does nothing and just there for kicks

Grey Sweep (QcF + L)
bends forward and sweeps the ground with his claw.  Moves him slightly forward and hits low.  Can be used twice in a row.

Grey Rapid slash (QcF + M.  Mid-air only)
Swings his claws in the area slightly ahead and below him.  Will continously slash as long as you tap M.  Hits don't do too much damage but good keep-away tool since Donavan can combo fairly easily from it upon landing.  However, it has a little recovery when you stop slashing

Grey Shutter Claw (QcF + H.  Mid-air only)
A slow, double handed clawsweep which knocks the enemy up into the air.  Does Decent damage, and launches the enemy high, unless they were blocking.  On a standing enemy, Donavan will land on the ground after launching them.

Grey Shadow (QcB + L.  Mid-air also)
twists his body to the side.  Dodges all moves for a brief moment but he can easily be hit while he's returning to normal, so using it to dodge physical moves (except really slow ones) isn't a good idea.

Grey Pressure Point (QcF + M)
A precise stab with his claw which makes subsequent hits in the combo have more hit stun.  The additional hitstun effect only works once per combo but the move can be used as much as you'd like. About the speed of a heavy attack.

Grey Umbra (QcB + H)
sets himself to jump, then leaps forward with his claws out.  Delayed, but does a good amount of damage.  Can aim himself diagonally upwards by holding up while he's setting himself.  Holding M increases the delay before he jumps, and pressing Down again will have him return to normal.  Needs enemy to be open in order to work or else Donavan will be very open to counter and Donavan has to be at least mid-screen distance from the enemy or closer to hit.  Enemy is knocked back in a flying arc if they are hit.

Grey Punishment (Down, Down, L/M/H, near a downed enemy)
stabs a downed enemy with his claw.  L version can be used multiple times in a row.  Doesn't do much damage but builds meter quickly.  M version simply picks up the enemy, with no damage but allows Donavan to follow up if the enemy doesn't react quick enough.  H version picks up the enemy then claw swipes them away, knocking them back.  If you dont use your assist, the H version is a good way to end a combo.

Super Moves:

Silver Beatdown (Down, Down, Two buttons, near a downed enemy)
Jumps on the knocked down enemy then stabs them several times with his claws before picking them up and throwing them sideways.  Does a good amount of damage, but the range is more narrow than [Grey Punishment]

Silver Antumbra (QcF + two buttons while Donavan is setting himself for [Grey Umbra])
leaps forward immediately, without needing to finish setting up.  Does far more damage than [Grey Umbra], goes full screen, and is much faster.  Still unsafe if the enemy blocks the move. Enemy is then knocked down and sent sliding across the screen.

Silver Punishment (QcB + two buttons during Grab)
slams the enemy into the ground then stabs them once with his claws.  Gurantees the enemy will be knocked down for one second.  All versions of [Grey Punishment] will also be upgraded for the following second.  L version (of [Grey punishment]) will OTG the enemy higher, M will have the enemy dazed after being stood up for a very brief moment (less than half a second), and H will push the enemy back but wont send them flying backwards across the screen, making it easier to follow up on.

Ultimate Move: Platinum Penumbra (must be used during [Grey Umbra])

Runs forward with his claws out.  Slower than [Grey Umbra]'s leap but goes full screen and you can jump if necessary.  If you reach the enemy, Donavan does a claw slash which knocks the enemy back and down.  He then picks them up as he runs past and slams them into the back wall.  He continously stabs them with his claws for a short while.  Pressing QcF + two buttons will waste up an additional meter to continue to flurry of strikes on the enemy.  Unlike every other Ultimate, you can also call in your assist to do moves (and as much as you want) to tack on a ton of additional damage.  Can deal alot of damage on its own but isn't as strong as other ultimates without an assist helping out, or without the extended timer.  Can also be avoided if the enemy jumps over, or runs underneath you while you're jumping

Victory: Punches the air "Ahah, you were no match!"

Draw: Turns around, and shows his back "Humpf, I'm not done yet, you'll see next time"

Lose: Puts knee on the ground and pants "Damn--!"

Appearence: Grey knee high boots.  Black Shorts.  Grey Top, crossing over collarbone.  Has Black circle on stomach and Skirt that covers the side of waists and back.  Detached Grey Sleeves with slightly lighter grey circle on palms, also has glowing magic claws (he's always wearing his weapon).  Strands of shoulder length hair, Pony tail tied up.  Grey eyes, evil look.
Fighting Game: Donavan
Alright, and here he is.  The Final Shota-console (for now).  Donavan the Bad boy with the claws.  Personally, I think claws are awesome and would probably be my weapon of choice (along with a sword).  In fact, my most played character (and favorite character) in BlazBlue is a Catgirl with large claws.  Hooray for Taokaka! 
Anyways, here he is, and only a day late (or two days if you account for the time change from here to Daph, I think)  I hope he came out alright.  I spent too much time trying to think of a cool attack name gimmick and I ended up just naming all the moves "Grey".  Creativity at its finest!
There's also probably a proper term for a "get in close quick" move but I cant remember it and I don't care that much.

:icondaphfloconmojo: owns Donavan and the Shota-consoles
Here are all the movelists I've made in the description…… here's the bio for not-quite-Taokaka (actually, they're absolutely nothing alike.  Tao doesn't even have her claws out all the time)

And next week I'll upload....uh.............. . . . . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   .   .   .

Basic 2D Arcade Fighting game Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Shota-console

Description: Azuula is a very strict boy because he had a hard "childhood".  He doesn't kid around with Justice or with the enemy of their species.  Because he was bullied as a child, he's developed a persona which is what others almost always see.  The True Azuula is only shown when Chili is around, who was the only one who saw the real him

Azuula can be a powerful long ranged character.  His moves have a great range and damage, making him useful to have on the field or as an assist, provided he's analyzed the enemy enough. He isn't nearly as strong if he isn't able to get the enemy's analysis and will have much more trouble fighting at the start of the match.  After he's hit the enemy with [Inference] enough, he is far more useful and can be a great teammate who can add alot of damage to comboes from across the screen.  

Entrance: Puts a new part into his cannon before he puts it on and holds it up "I am read to fight"

Fighting Pose: Stands, both arms (including the cannon) by his side as he stares down the enemy


Light: Jabs with the Knee
Medium: Straight Punch with free arm
Heavy: Swings cannon.  All his heavy moves have alot of range

Light: Elbow Jab
Medium: Straight punch
Heavy: Downwards swing with cannon

Light: Kick
Medium: Swings fist down
Heavy: Downwards swing with cannon


Special Moves

Inference (QcF + L/M/H.  Mid-air also)
Closes his left eye and stares at a specific point.  Makes a character sized circle blink to show the area it hits.  L goes a short distance ahead (between Azuula and  Midscreen), M goes farther (past midscreen) and H aims it over and slightly right of the L version (the circle is also slightly larger).  Used in the air, the circles will still appear in the same places as if Azuula was on the ground. If the enemy is within the circle long enough, Azuula has analyzed them and a gauge showing how analyzed an enemy is will be filled.  He has to analyze the enemy four times to fill the meter fully, and each opponent has their own gauge.  If he doesn't analyze the enemy for too long, the gauge will deplete, but some moves will keep the gauge filled.  All the effects apply to the enemy on the field at the time and not their current assist.  Time Enemy must stay in the circle to be analyzed increases with each

Short Circuit (DP + L)
His laser cannon sparks energy out of the sides instead of the end.  Blasts the enemy backwards but slightly delayed.  Faster if the enemy has been analyzed once or twice.  If the enemy has been analyzed Three times, the blast will be larger and block projectiles.  If the enemy has been analyzed four times, it will automatically be delayed (although Azuula will be able to move very briefly) and explode autmoatically when the enemy is close enough

Optical Drive (DP + M)
aims cannon straight forward then fires. Delayed as he needs a second to charge.  Cannon will be faster and have a wider range the more the enemy is analyzed.  Additionally, if the enemy's assist is more analyzed than the enemy himself, the laser will hit the assist if they are on the feild, even if they are behind the enemy, and do increased damage, but the enemy will not be hit unless both of them are fully analyzed.

Mask ROM (DP + L. Mid-air only)
fires his cannon, leaving a large ball of energy and pushing himself back.  Hits twice if the enemy touches it before disappearing.  If they've been analyzed once, a barely visible circle will appear some distance around the ball which will keep the analysis gauge from depleting if the enemy is within it.  Analyzed twice, the enemies assist's analysis won't be depleted if they in the circle or their partner is in it, even if they weren't analyzed twice, and the ball will be able to hit three times. Analyzed three times, and the sphere will move slowly towards the enemy.  Analyzed Four times and the ball will prevent the gauge from emptying so long as its on the screen and blocks projectiles.

RAM Drive (DP + M.  Mid-air only)
Fires cannon, sending Three small lasers in three different directions downwards.  Distance where they land apart from each other depends on how high above you were when you fired.  Hitting an enemy with this move will prevent the analysis gauge from depleting.  With each analysis, the center laser will be able to move slightly more left or right to hit the enemy, with the other two lasers adjusting the same amount (so if the center laser adjusted left, both the left and right lasers aim more left).  Helps hit moving targets, but can hit an enemy three times if they're too close.

Super Moves:

Active Matrix (QcB + two buttons)
Azuula's eye becomes more static-y and the analysis meter will continously fill up if the enemy is within a large circle of inference around Azuula.  Additionally, any move will keep the gauges from depleting and moves that previously did that will fill the analysis meter by one point.  Azuula will recover quickly from using [Inference] and be able to move.  If he switches with his assist, the circle of inference will be around the partner, and Azuula attacking as an assist can fill the analysis meter

Omega Drive (DP + Two buttons)
Aims gun at the ground and fires a powerful shot, causing a large explosion.  Knocks the enemy backwards and Azuula into the air.  Azuula lands back where he used the move and he and the foe recover at the same time.  He can use an assist as he's in the air. If the enemy has been analyzed once, Azuula has invincibility frames as he's ducking to aim the gun.  After that, each analysis allows Azuula to reposition his landing area where he wants, with the area he can move to increasing with each analysis.  An enemy hit by this will also be analyzed twice.  Relatively low damage but very safe, even if the enemy blocks it with no analysis gauge.

Ultimate Move: Overloaded Function

Aims his cannon forward as it opens up to reveal a large swirling mass of energy.  Blocks projectiles and enemy takes immense damage upon touching it, but can be interrupted if Azuula is attacked from behind.  If left alone for a second, the spiral will shoot out from the cannon, locked onto the enemy and do a ton of damage.  Even has alot of Chip damage if blocked, but needs to have the enemy analyzed four times in order to use.  Can only be avoided by running behind Azuula

Victory: Lowers arm, so his weapon touches the ground, then he raises his chin with a serious expression "Hmpf"

Draw: takes off weapon, looks at it, and sighs "I should update my weapon..."

Lose: Leans forward panting and drops the cannon, causing sparks "I've been careless

Appearence: Aqua Blue shoes and Hair, Turqoise soles, Thigh high leggings, and coat, unzipped down to the hip.  Shoes glow white at the top.  Hair goes in 6 different directions off the sides. Left eye is grey, right eye has static within.
Fighting Game: Azuula
And here he is, Azuula.  Slightly more difficult to design than Bazu-kaa but oh well, hopefully this'll work ^_^
I get the feeling I forgot to add in a fighting game definition or two in the last few fighting movelists but whatever.  Nothing google cant fix

The next movelist to do is the only one left to do until Daph fills in the last four slots on the character select

Azuula's Bio:…
All the character movelists:…
Shota-consoles (c) :icondaphfloconmojo:

I should have the character select screen link and daph's icon assigned to my keyboard somewhere I use them so much
Future Leonn

Basic 2D Arcade Fighting game Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Shota-console

Description: Leonn in the future went crazy since his friend, Donavan, disappeared.  He doesn't want to listen to anyone who tries to tell him the truth, and keeps yelling that everyone are liars.  He has a straight jacket, what fun!  He can beat you with both arms tied behind his back

Future Leonn a fast character who can take alot of punishment like his sane counterpart, but he doesn't have the same versatility.  Instead, he'll rely on his masochism to take damage and deal damage in quick bursts or setting up his teammate to continue the combo instead of doing it himself.  He also has quite a few moves which allow him to avoid damage, making him a difficult characer to try and rush down.  However, he has far more trouble with enemies that don't stay close and outrange him in one way or another. Unlike Future Exotyk, he can fight with a teammate, and getting one who can make up for this lack of range works best.

Entrance: Laughs "I will prove to all of you! You are ALL WRONG!"

Fighting Pose: Bent legs, crazy smile, eyes dart around frantically.


Light: Quick Headbutt
Medium: Leans back on one leg then kicks forward
Heavy: Steps and body checks the enemy

Light: Quick leg sweep spin
Medium: Does a fast headbutt
Heavy: Does a sumo style stomp.  OTG's

Light: Swings one foot downwards
Medium: Swings both feet in opposite directions
Heavy: Does a somersault, swinging both feet downwards

Grab: Jumps and grabs enemy with both his legs.  If it connects, he will lean back and suplex them into the ground (except with his legs obviously)

Special Moves

Ummmm...Kuro! (QcF + L. Mid-air also)
tries to throw a ring, but since he's tied up, he just spins and falls over.  Pokes twice and recovers quickly.  Used in the air, he will be able to hit multiple times til he hits the ground and lands on his stomach, but he will recover immediately once he hits the ground and get on his feet as fast as the enemy might recover.  Not an effective keep away due to its short range but good for comboes, especially the air version which will hit multiple times and he can cancel out of it into other moves

Black...uh...(QcF + M)
Springs forwards and attacks enemy with both knees.  Has two hits of super armour and knocks enemy down but alot of recovery

Blah-nk drop, right? (QcF + H.  Mid-air also)
Does a high somersault and does a strong headbutt.  Decent anti air, knocks enemy down, and hits high.  Even has a hit of super armour while jumping and one while mid-air.  Used in the air, he will do the somersault and strong head where he is in the air.

Weiss.... (QcB + M)
bends downwards.  If he gets hit by any attack, he will fall onto his back then kick the enemy.  Takes reduced damage from all types of attacks (even projectiles) but the enemy can still possibly recover fast enough to block the kick.  Additionally, There are invincibility frames while falling back, but he can be hit before and after he kicks.  He can still die from getting hit.

What do you mean its "'Blah-n'? (QcB + H)
jumps back a short distance.  Pressing a button will make him do a kick which reaches slightly further ahead the higher the version.  L hits low with a sweep kick and returns to where he was before.  M hits mid, doing a swing kick to the enemy's torso, and H does a high jump with a double kick.

Shiro....Something! (DP + H)
Leaps forward and lands on his face. Dodges Projectiles and goes through enemy.  Can follow up with moves upon landing. Will stand-up on his own after a moment. Behaves as if in a knockdown state so only OTG moves will hit him after he's landed

- Whats a 'Nero'? (After [Shiro....Something!], L)
rolls backwards and quickly recovers.  Returns almost to where he first used [Shiro....Something!].  Very little window to be attacked but can't use [Shiro....Something!] for a second.

- The heck is a 'Bianco'? (After [Shiro....Something!], M)
from lying down on the ground, he will spring straight upwards before landing on his feet, using his back to launch the enemy

- The Hell is a 'White'!?!? (After [Shiro....Something!], H)
uses his legs to propel himself forward, rolling forward and doing a downwards leg swing, landing on his back before he finally gets back up.  If the enemy was behind his torso, they will be lifted and hit onto the ground in front of him.  Does good damage and knocks the enemy down but can be hit by low attacks while being used, and unsafe if blocked.

Super Moves:

Whatever Masochism (QcB + two buttons)
Leonn's Attack and defense increases based on how much health he's lost for a limited time.  If he takes a fatal hit while this move is active, the timer for this move will just decrease and
he will still be moving.  During the last second of this move, he will have hyper armour, allowing for a quick comeback.  Exactly the same as normal Leonn's [Blank Masochism], however it
won't last as long but the stat increases will be better.

Screw it! (DP + two buttons)
quickly charges forward a short distance with a headbutt.  Has Hyper armour.  If it hits, the enemy is dazed and will fall over in a second.  Leonn is also dizzy for a moment, making it hard for him to follow up and has a relatively short range, but it does a good amount of damage and a properly timed assist can take advantage of the enemy.  If the enemy was airbourne, they are knocked down to the ground and stunned for two seconds instead, and take a little extra damage.  

Ultimate Move: Colourless Liars!

Glares at the enemy.  If he's hit by any move, he will dodge it and his strait jacket will be knocked off.  He then rapidly throws a bunch of rings (or maybe the same two rings but they're just returning to him really fast) and then gives the enemy a running elbow jab to knock them back.  He then starts laughing and one of his rings knocks him backwards back into the strait jacket.

Victory: Yells at the enemy before pointing his toe at the enemy. " STOP LYING! I KNOW YOU LIE!

Draw: Turns away from the enemy, you can see his eye twitching "I swear... he will come back!"

Lose: Struggles to get his arms free but falls over then rolls on the ground "DON'T TOUCH ME! I KNOW HE IS THERE SOMEWHERE!"

Appearence: Dirty white shorts.  Tied up in a black strait jacket (or black ribbons tied in a bow).  Hair is dirty and no longer has bunny ears.  Scratches on legs.  No shoes
Fighting game: Future Leonn
New week, new Movelist.  Future Leonn was rather fun to make a movelist for.  Its fun to screw around with an insane character.  The attack names were fun too (like the two messing with the french pronounciation of "Blanc") although made it slightly more annoying if I had to reference them in other moves

here is the photo of the handsome devil…
Here are the fighting game movelists…

Shota-consoles (C) :icondaphfloconmojo:
Movelist made by me

Whats his face is the next one.  One with the weird hair and doesn't like zipping up his coat.  Yeah, that one

Basic 2D Arcade Fighting game Moveset:

Gender: Boy

Species: Shota-console

Description: Chili is a ver energetic boy,  He is a bunny (not literally, cause then he'd be tiny, fluffy, and have large ears, not cat-ear hair).  He knows how to be respected and isn't afraid to defend his friends in need.  with his fiery temper, he gained a reputation when he was at school.  He can be very tricky, mostly with Azuula.  Even as he seems like a boy who isn't nice to others, you can be surprised by his kindness, and by the fact he doesn't judge by appearances.

Chili is a close combat character.  He's more than happy to take the front line in a fight and beat the enemy down.  He's good at comboes with moves that have good range, and he isn't a bad assist to have either, although he lacks defensive options on the field and a good way to get close enough to the enemy.  Also, despite his basic attacks doing good damage, his special moves usually need comboes to be useful.  All he needs is an assist with powerful moves to add onto his comboes or let him get close to the foe and he's good to go.

Lots of his moves leave a firey effect on the enemy.  Doesn't do anything but its fancy

Entrance: Runs onto the screen, with his fire rod in hand, leaving a trail through the air as he gets into place "Eh, a party? Awesome!"

Fighting Pose: Feet spread.  One back.  Leaning forward on the front foot.  Low stance.  Bent arms, holding rod by chest.  One hand is by his rod's fire.


Light: One arm shove
Medium: Hits enemy with the back of the fire rod
Heavy: Downwards swing with fire rod

Light: Straight Punch
Medium: Slams rod on the ground
Heavy: strengthens fire on rod then slams it down.  OTG's

Light: Knee swing
Medium: Spins rod in hand, swinging arm upwards.  Lifts enemy upwards slightly
Heavy: Spins flaming rod in hand, swinging arm upwards.  Knocks them downwards

Grab: Reachs forward and grabs with one hand.  Then spins rod in hand (moving behind the enemy if its a back throw) then hitting the enemy, causing a burst of fire.

Special Moves

Heat Wave (QcF + L/M/H)
swings fire rod, creating a Crescent of fire.  L goes the farthest, but the fire wave is a bit smaller than Chili.  H doesn't go far but is very tall and M is little above chili's height and goes somewhere in between.  Easy to connect with in comboes.  Has too much recovery to use as a good keep away tactic but H is great as an assist move or anti-air.

Sacred Spark (QcF + L. Mid-air only)
quickly jabs Rod downwards with the fire extending a short distance ahead.  Effective poke.

Sacred Fire (QcF + M.  Mid-air only)
causes a burst of fire around him.  Knocks airbourne enemies upwards, while it just hits standing enemies normally.  Can be used to extend an aerial combo or as part of a combo against a standing enemy.

Sacred Torch (QcF + H.  Mid-air only)
fire extends to the rods length and he does a strong downwards swing.  Knocks enemy back and wall bounces while having good range but slow and has alot of recovery.  Easier to combo into

Flame Charm (DP + L/M/H)
spins rod above head, creating fire spinning around him.  L has the fastest recovery but only hits twice and covers his area.  M hits thrice and has more horizontal and vertical range.  H has the same horizontal range and more vertical range and hits five times.  Recovery time increases with each version.  Chili is vulnerable to projectiles while using the move but can still be damaging.

Heat Plume (Down, Down, L/M/H)
stabs fire rod upwards, creating flames that shoot up in front of him. Launches enemy.  button determines damage and how high the enemy is launched.  Can be used after crouching Heavy to OTG and launch, and can then be jump cancelled for an aerial combo but harder to cancel into ground attacks.  A downed enemy (that is OTG'd then hit) will only reach Chili's midsection with L, his head with M, and above with H.  

Super Moves:

Mantle Plume (QcF + two buttons)
focuses for a moment then throws his rod into the air. At the same time, a large mushroom cloud of fire shoots out of the ground underneath the enemy.  Large amount of damage but hard to hit if the enemy is moving, and can be interrupted by attacks.  Comboes or proper use of an assist can easily be

Fever Plumage (QcF + two buttons.  Mid-air only)
spins fire rod around in his hand and creates cluster of feathers.  Does alot of damage to the area in front of him.  Hits a little more than his character size and slightly above him.  Great for a combo ender

Ultimate Move: Sunny Day

Spins fire rod around quickly as the flames become more intense and he throws it into the sky.  The whole screen turns slightly more red and gets a slight haze effect.  Additionally, Chili's Rod is replaced with flames in the shape of the rod, which is a cool mixture of Red, yellow, and Blue (like a normal flame).   Chili's attacks do more damage and all his moves are faster and combo easier.  He does slightly less damage, but the additional speed should more than make up for it.  One last benefit is his partner can also attack quicker.  Lasts a short while before Chili has to catch his rod again.

Victory: Flame on fire rod grows weaker, before he swings it again in frustration "That's already over? The fun was about to start!"

Draw: Spins fire rod in hand "eh...tough guy, tough guy!"

Lose: Drops fire rod before the fire on his rod starts up and lights himself and he starts running "Aw snap!"

Appearence: Red Apron with black dots on it., grey pants with fur around knees and bottom of pantlegs.  Grey boots with Red glowing soles.  Red hair with fluffy cat ears on top.
Fighting Game: Chili
Bleh,  today, I felt too lazy to upload this but I was hoping to get at least have one of these uploaded a week sooooooo here's Chili

Here's his bio…

Here's the character select:…

here's the account of the person who designed him :icondaphfloconmojo:

Here's the hint for the next guy:  I dont know, I'll just upload a movelist for a guy I've already uploaded

Here's a smiley face:  :l

close enough

Basic 2D Arcade Fighting game Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Shota-console

Description: Leonn is a very silent boy.  He has difficulty doing things by himself.  He needs to be told what to do.  He is a dependant boy, and he follows his "Idol" Donavan everywhere.  Even though he seems useless, he's a very powerful, agile, and strategic boy.  He isn't afraid to be hurt while in a battle and isn't afraid to hurt someone else.  He may be small, but he still has a strong personality, even if he hides it.  His magical weapons are two rings which he can throw and catch.

Despite a relatively low number of moves, Leonn has many offensive options in combat, while also having Great Health.  Each move does relatively little damage but it isn't difficult to hit the enemy from many different angles and avoid getting hit.  Leonn will be able to stay on the field a long time even if he's constantly taking hits, but strangely enough, he doesn't have many defensive options.  He can take quite alot of damage with or without [Black Guard] but that will only get you so far.  Mastering his movement options in combat will allow you to last even longer in a fight and chip away at the enemy more.  This also makes him a great combo assist and battery character (someone who builds super meter quickly)

Entrance: Stands up straight with one hand on his other arm, then swings both arms out, summoning and throwing rings before they return and he catches them in his fighting pose.  "I will fight, for you!"
Donavan as Partner: Same as normal but Donavan is standing beside him doing his entrance pose "Together, we will win!"
Donavan as Opponent: Same as normal "Y-you will be proud of me!"

Fighting Pose: Forward arm raised by his head, crossing over is other arm, lowered by his hip.  Leaning on back knee.  Holds rings in both hands.  Body turned sideways.


Light: Fast elbow jab
Medium: Does a side kick
Heavy: Ring slash

Light: Elbow Jab
Medium: Quick Headbutt
Heavy: Tosses ring so it flies upwards to about head height (relative to him sitting down) before he grabs it again.  Can be used twice (one for each ring) and he can cancel by moving forward, which will make him dash

Light: Sideways Curved kick
Medium: Swings Ring
Heavy: Spins around with arms extended

Grab: Grabs enemy by the neck.  If he has at least one ring, he'll grab them by putting the ring over their head and around their neck, otherwise its just with his hand.  He'll then spin around and toss the enemy. Does more damage with Ring in hand

Special Moves

White ring (QcF + L/M/H.  Mid-air also)
Throws one of the two rings.  L throws it downwards diagonally, M throws it straight ahead, and H throws it diagonally upwards, in the air or on the ground.  M goes slightly farther than Half screen distance.  L goes until the ring hits the ground, and H goes up a set distance before returning.  Can be used twice, once for each ring.  Goes through enemies, even if they're blocking.  The ring returning can also deal damage and be blocked.  H moves (The basic moves, and the special moves) are unusable if you don't have at least one ring.  L can hit low at close range.

Weiss Loop (QcB + M.  With one ring in the air)
ducks low and runs forward towards a ring to grab it.  Dodges High attacks, starts out with some invincibility frames, and goes through the enemy.

- Shiro Slide (Before you reach the ring, Press L)
Will slide across the ground with his foot extended.  Moves forward a fixed distance before he stops and stands up.  Can catch ring if he goes under it.   Can dodge mid attacks if properly timed and can poke low but low attacks still hit him and he cant stop himself once he starts sliding.

- Bianco Toss (after you catch the ring, press M)
stops and throws the ring towards the enemy, whether you're in front or behind them.

- Kuro Flip (When you are near the ring, press H)
jumps and flips to catch the ring, slashing the enemy in the process.  Need to be close enough to use and ring must be returning, but can dodge low attacks.  Has great damage and recovery as well.

Black Guard (QcB + H)
blocks with his arms.  Does reduced damage for low, mid, and High attacks, and has 5 hits of super armour.  Pressing Back, or forward will make him quickly dash in that direction before
he stops and returns to normal.  Dashing doesn't have invincible frames but keeps the same properties as before until he stops moving.

- Noire Reverse (During [Black Guard], press M/H)
quickly moves around the enemy.  Pressing M again will kick the enemy to push them away, or you can press H to jump farther backwards and throw the ring which goes through the enemy and returns by the time you've landed.  M puts more distance between you and the enemy, H does more damage.

Nero Somersault (DP + H.  Mid-air also)
Spin leaps into the air over the enemy's head.  Will go More than half screen distance.  If there is a Ring high enough in the air, he will jump and catch it instead.  You can press a button to throw the ring downwards while mid-air.  Pressing M throws the ring straight down from where he is.  L throws it slightly to the left of the M version and H slightly to the right.  Used in the air, Leonn will gain horizontal momentum while he does the same spin leap.  He can still throw the ring downwards afterwards.

Blanc Drop (Down + M/H.  Mid-air only)
makes Leonn fall downwards with a downwards arm swing.  Has two hits of super armour, allowing him to land safely.  H version swings a ring, giving him more damage and slightly more range but can't be used without a ring.

Super Moves:

Schwarzes Schwert (DP + two buttons)
Extend arms out and rolls across the screen with rings out.  If it misses, Leonn will go full screen before hitting the back wall and landing on his butt, which does a little damage.  If it connects, the enemy is knocked into the air where Leonn will reach the other end of the screen and stop safely.  Can possibly hit both the enemy, and the assist if he is out.

Blank Masochism (QcB + two buttons)
Leonn's Attack and defense increases based on how much health he's lost for a limited time.  If he takes a fatal hit while this move is active, the timer for this move will just decrease and he will still be moving.  During the last second of this move, he will have hyper armour, allowing for a quick comeback.  Can be used while [Black Guard] is active, which will recover all the damage taken during [Black guard] and increase the time of the move by half a second for each hit taken on [Black guard] (meaning up to 2.5 seconds total since the sixth hit would knock Leonn out of it)

- Monochrome Vengeance (QcF + two buttons while Blank Masochism is activated)
Throws a ring forward a short distance before it returns to him.  Just before it starts to turn around, he'll throw the other ring.  He'll do this multiple times, dealing a large amount of damage to the area in front of him based on how much damage his partner has taken, including if they're already down.  The Rings move faster the more health the teammate has lost.

Ultimate Move: Colourless Gyre

Throws both rings out and runs towards the enemy.  The player can move around normally but cannot attack for a short while but have four hits of super armour every time you stand up but every fifth hit will knock you over.  If you grab the enemy, Leonn will dodge roll forward as the rings return.  Both Leonn and the enemy roll while the rings spin through and around both of them.
Leonn takes out alot of damage on the enemy and himself, then automatically switches with his teammate.  If the move would kill Leonn, he will have 1 point of health left, but this will not apply to the enemy, in fact, it will likely kill the enemy, but Leonn will not be able to recover alot of health after using this.  He can also only use it once but he won't lose any health if it misses

Victory: Takes out picture of Donavan and hugs it "You saw? Are you proud of me?"

Draw: Leans over and holds onto his arm panting "I will not... give up!"

Lose: Falls onto the ground, panting heavily. He then throws his disc but it just rolls on the ground past the enemy "no! I must win!!

Special Victories
Donavan as Partner: Donavan walks onto the screen and Leonn hugs him "Yeah! you totally beat them, Donavan!"
Donavan as opponent: Puts away rings and lowers arms "Have you lost on purpose?"

Appearence: White shoes with Black soles.  Black socks.  White shorts.  Black cloth hiding wounds on upper body and shoulders.  White hair that sticks up making it look like a pair of
bunny ears.
Fighting Game: Leonn
Almost forgot to upload a movelist today.  With it being summer and all, the only days I care about are the days my Grandma can or can't cook Chocolate chip pancakes for me.  Then again, based on Daph's time, this may be uploaded a day late in Quebec time if im right.  so uh....sorry I'm an hour or so late I guess ^_^;

Anyways, woo, the masochistic Leonn who I may have a second movelist I'll upload in the future Hooray for the rings,… , here's the other fighting game movelists… Here is Leonn's profile here's a gif of a dancing Miku Hatsune
hm, that'll need music.… this'll work I think

Leonn and the Shota-consoles (c) :icondaphfloconmojo:

The next character is pretty hot :D
the next character has been burning to get uploaded
the next character wears red
I need to work on these movelists faster so I can get Donavan done
I can't think of a good hint for the next one -_-

I should stop screwing around with the strike feature too

1. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you & invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
4. Not something like "you are tagged if you read this."
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
 (except screw you I ain't doing that)
6. No tag-backs.

10 fatcs about/from me:

1. I recently graduated from highschool.
2. Probably the only kid in my class who didnt have a 3.5 or higher GPA (which is basically just top grades)
3. I dont know what my exact grades are, but I know I almost didn't pass two of my classes, but I did :P
4. One of my best friends in the class was one of the higher ranking students of the year
5. We did the Dragonball Z fusion Dance :D
6. This year, I went on a trip with the school to Italy
7. I had no DS for a majority of the trip because I wasted it on the flight and the adapter didnt work.  I didn't see ANY video game store until we got into the last town, so I didn't even have a charger for it until the last day of the trip.  
8. In Italy, I got my mom an Italian scarf and I got myself a shirt that read (in english) "Im not normal".  It was fitting. 
9.  Long story short, I didn't have my Visa (what says I was a Canadian citizen living in the states with my mother) during the trip.  They waved me right through when sending me OUT of the country but had alot of difficulty getting back in. I got in all thanks to the Principle of the school
10.  I also got a Blue umbrella from a weapon store (although its just an ordinary umbrella.  It also says "made in china" on it) that everyone was worried I wouldnt get onto the plane cause im the kind of person who swings the umbrella around like a sword, but thanks to the missing visa, no one cared about it.  I have named the Umbrella "Spada Ins" (Spada is the Italian word for Sword, according to google anyways)

The questions to answer:

1. Who was your very first fictional crush and from what fandom was he/she? (Example from a manga, anime, books, TV-shows or a movie.)
When I was a kid, I was a real stickler for the "Boys must hate girls" logic so I dont think I ever had a crush on a fictional character as a kid.  I think I've answered this before.  

2. You're sucked into the world of your very most favorite fandom - what world is it?
Favorite fandom?  Not sure.  I don't get sucked up into fandoms too often.  However, it would be cool to go into the BlazBlue universe, Persona 3/4 universe, or the Hyperdimenion Neptunia Universe (if I had to pick, I'd say the last one)

3. You suddenly find yourself locked up inside your national library with no memory of how you ended up there. 
All the doors, windows, other entrances and exits have been magically blocked and you have no way out.
The library have just closed for vacation for the summer and no personal at all will be back for at least 1 month, 
your phone has no signal, the library's phones are all broken -
and neither do you have any internet on your phone or on the computers in the library. 
The library's staffroom have a small kitchen with some food though, and the water tap still works - so you still have both food and water. Now... What will you do?
For the record, I'd probably be carrying around Spada Ins before I'd be carrying around my phone.  Its not a good phone that has internet anyways, AND I have a scabbard for Umbrellas that fits on my back like a sword ^_^.  Anyways, I would start looking for a way out.  I'd probably climb the shelves anyways.  I like climbing, its fun.  Assuming I'd have my Amazing Italian Blue Umbrella: Spada Ins, I'd probably also practice swinging it around like a sword.  If I was really stuck there, I'd also go searching around for books to read.  Either Adventure novels, or books on Martial arts or sword fighting.

4. Is it spring, summer, autumn or winter where you live now?
I would assume its the same as where you live.  It should be summer.  we havent been getting much rain so I havent had too much of an excuse to use  Spada Ins except to shield me from the sun.  Oh, and after graduating, I moved back to Canada and now live with my Dad.  I'll go to college in september

5. Congratulation, you've been granted one wish, what do you wish for? (You're not allowed to wish for more wishes though.)
I COULD however wish for the ability for OTHERS to wish for more wishes! MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOOPHOLES FOR THE WIN!!!!  except I wouldnt get a wish :/  meh whatever, dont have much else to wish for

6. What is the most depressing and saddest song you know?
I dont usually spend my time looking up depressing songs, sorry.   There's probably a number of sad songs I've heard of it in games and shows though.  I was seeing if I could find a song from Selector WIXOSS but its rather difficult despite that show being worse than Madoka Magica in terms of depression

7. If I kissed you on the cheek, what would you do?
probably blush.  Not sure what else you'd expect me to do.  Thats probably what be going through my head too

8. When someone mentions 'Sweden', what is the very first thing you think of?
For some reason, not Hetalia, but the guy who makes this stuff forget who he is exactly (its called "Scandinavia and the world" actually, I found it)).  weird :/.  My second thought is Pewdiepie when playing that one Oculus Rift game and he says "THIS IS HOW WE SNIPE IN SWEDEN MOTHERF***ERS"

9. ... Do you like cake? XD/10. Do you like chocolate? Heart (You better like chocolate...)
Yes and Yes.  I especially love Chocolate Cake.  Upon research, this is rather fitting for this case…

10 questions to you:
1. um

2. uh

3. alright

4. uuuuuuh

5. how about?

6. ok?

7. hmmmm

8. maybe?

9 nah

10. have you seen Kiki's delivery service? 

And I tag Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Thanatos, Athena, Zues, Penthesilea, God, The Avatar, and Yu Narukami
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Selector WIXOSS opening (killy killy joker)
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: I WAS playing Persona 4 Arena
  • Eating: imaginary Chocolate Cake
  • Drinking: Im thirsty :(


I like video games :D

Current Residence: US
Favourite genre of music: Anything Upbeat works
Skin of choice: one Im wearing
Favourite cartoon character: ......a cartoon character......
Personal Quote: You dont get better at something by sticking with what you know you can do, thats how I beat Sephiroth at level 66 on expert on Kingdom Hearts 1 (sucker)

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