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1. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you & invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
4. Not something like "you are tagged if you read this."
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
 (except screw you I ain't doing that)
6. No tag-backs.

10 fatcs about/from me:

1. I recently graduated from highschool.
2. Probably the only kid in my class who didnt have a 3.5 or higher GPA (which is basically just top grades)
3. I dont know what my exact grades are, but I know I almost didn't pass two of my classes, but I did :P
4. One of my best friends in the class was one of the higher ranking students of the year
5. We did the Dragonball Z fusion Dance :D
6. This year, I went on a trip with the school to Italy
7. I had no DS for a majority of the trip because I wasted it on the flight and the adapter didnt work.  I didn't see ANY video game store until we got into the last town, so I didn't even have a charger for it until the last day of the trip.  
8. In Italy, I got my mom an Italian scarf and I got myself a shirt that read (in english) "Im not normal".  It was fitting. 
9.  Long story short, I didn't have my Visa (what says I was a Canadian citizen living in the states with my mother) during the trip.  They waved me right through when sending me OUT of the country but had alot of difficulty getting back in. I got in all thanks to the Principle of the school
10.  I also got a Blue umbrella from a weapon store (although its just an ordinary umbrella.  It also says "made in china" on it) that everyone was worried I wouldnt get onto the plane cause im the kind of person who swings the umbrella around like a sword, but thanks to the missing visa, no one cared about it.  I have named the Umbrella "Spada Ins" (Spada is the Italian word for Sword, according to google anyways)

The questions to answer:

1. Who was your very first fictional crush and from what fandom was he/she? (Example from a manga, anime, books, TV-shows or a movie.)
When I was a kid, I was a real stickler for the "Boys must hate girls" logic so I dont think I ever had a crush on a fictional character as a kid.  I think I've answered this before.  

2. You're sucked into the world of your very most favorite fandom - what world is it?
Favorite fandom?  Not sure.  I don't get sucked up into fandoms too often.  However, it would be cool to go into the BlazBlue universe, Persona 3/4 universe, or the Hyperdimenion Neptunia Universe (if I had to pick, I'd say the last one)

3. You suddenly find yourself locked up inside your national library with no memory of how you ended up there. 
All the doors, windows, other entrances and exits have been magically blocked and you have no way out.
The library have just closed for vacation for the summer and no personal at all will be back for at least 1 month, 
your phone has no signal, the library's phones are all broken -
and neither do you have any internet on your phone or on the computers in the library. 
The library's staffroom have a small kitchen with some food though, and the water tap still works - so you still have both food and water. Now... What will you do?
For the record, I'd probably be carrying around Spada Ins before I'd be carrying around my phone.  Its not a good phone that has internet anyways, AND I have a scabbard for Umbrellas that fits on my back like a sword ^_^.  Anyways, I would start looking for a way out.  I'd probably climb the shelves anyways.  I like climbing, its fun.  Assuming I'd have my Amazing Italian Blue Umbrella: Spada Ins, I'd probably also practice swinging it around like a sword.  If I was really stuck there, I'd also go searching around for books to read.  Either Adventure novels, or books on Martial arts or sword fighting.

4. Is it spring, summer, autumn or winter where you live now?
I would assume its the same as where you live.  It should be summer.  we havent been getting much rain so I havent had too much of an excuse to use  Spada Ins except to shield me from the sun.  Oh, and after graduating, I moved back to Canada and now live with my Dad.  I'll go to college in september

5. Congratulation, you've been granted one wish, what do you wish for? (You're not allowed to wish for more wishes though.)
I COULD however wish for the ability for OTHERS to wish for more wishes! MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOOPHOLES FOR THE WIN!!!!  except I wouldnt get a wish :/  meh whatever, dont have much else to wish for

6. What is the most depressing and saddest song you know?
I dont usually spend my time looking up depressing songs, sorry.   There's probably a number of sad songs I've heard of it in games and shows though.  I was seeing if I could find a song from Selector WIXOSS but its rather difficult despite that show being worse than Madoka Magica in terms of depression

7. If I kissed you on the cheek, what would you do?
probably blush.  Not sure what else you'd expect me to do.  Thats probably what be going through my head too

8. When someone mentions 'Sweden', what is the very first thing you think of?
For some reason, not Hetalia, but the guy who makes this stuff forget who he is exactly (its called "Scandinavia and the world" actually, I found it)).  weird :/.  My second thought is Pewdiepie when playing that one Oculus Rift game and he says "THIS IS HOW WE SNIPE IN SWEDEN MOTHERF***ERS"

9. ... Do you like cake? XD/10. Do you like chocolate? Heart (You better like chocolate...)
Yes and Yes.  I especially love Chocolate Cake.  Upon research, this is rather fitting for this case…

10 questions to you:
1. um

2. uh

3. alright

4. uuuuuuh

5. how about?

6. ok?

7. hmmmm

8. maybe?

9 nah

10. have you seen Kiki's delivery service? 

And I tag Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Thanatos, Athena, Zues, Penthesilea, God, The Avatar, and Yu Narukami
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Selector WIXOSS opening (killy killy joker)
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: I WAS playing Persona 4 Arena
  • Eating: imaginary Chocolate Cake
  • Drinking: Im thirsty :(


I like video games :D

Current Residence: US
Favourite genre of music: Anything Upbeat works
Skin of choice: one Im wearing
Favourite cartoon character: ......a cartoon character......
Personal Quote: You dont get better at something by sticking with what you know you can do, thats how I beat Sephiroth at level 66 on expert on Kingdom Hearts 1 (sucker)

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